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14 Wonderful Vintage 3cm Wild Animals + Trees ...on Stands

14 Wonderful Vintage 3cm Wild Animals + Trees ...on Stands

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14 hard plastic animals - on stands - very detailed, feathers, fur, teeth and in suitably dramatic positions.
Hours of fun and endless artistic possibilities.
They are between 2 and 3cm tall.
 I found them in a toy warehouse I cleared where everything was from the 1940s and 50s. 
I'm selling them in 2 different collections

Collection 1. Horse, Buffalo, Reindeer, Bear, Fox, Penguin, Seal, Wild boar, 3 types of Deer, a Stag, plus 1 tree and 1 fence.

Collection 2 - Elephant, Giraffe, Kangaroo, Emu, Lion, Tiger, Pelican, Ostrich,2 types of Camel, Monkey, 2 palm trees and some sort of impala/unicorn hybrid.

They come in the colours shown and each individual order will have those colours but not necessarily in the combination shown in the pictures.


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