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1920s Michelin Map of HAWICK - NEWCASTLE (Sheet 8)

1920s Michelin Map of HAWICK - NEWCASTLE (Sheet 8)

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1920s Sheet no. 8 Michelin Map of HAWICK - NEWCASTLE

Colour printed on cloth, dissected sections.
Excellent Condition
Scale 3.15 miles to 1 inch
These maps did not have the date included until 1923, so this map is pre 1923.
Lovely graphic of the iconic Michelin tyre men entwined around the "MICHELIN"
The map was intended as a touring map for those who possessed one of those new fangled automobiles and  shows the main roads with miles between places, impracticable roads, dangerous places, picturesque roads,  roads, where you have to pay tolls, railways and points of local interest, such as "Roman Wall
Basically invaluable !

It covers the area from Hawick, Kelso and Alnwick in the North to Lockerbie, Brampton, Newcastle in the South

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