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1940s Hand Painted Celluloid Edelweiss and Rucksack Brooches

1940s Hand Painted Celluloid Edelweiss and Rucksack Brooches

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 The ever popular edelweiss flower ...a bit of context
"The Edelweiss flower was used in the 19th century as a symbol of purity in the region around the Alps and it was a flower highly respected by the people who lived there. In a novel written by Berthold Auerbach called “Edelweiss”, it is described how difficult it is to get the Edelweiss flower since they grow at heights of up to 3000 meters"

That's why you'll be needing the rucksack and climbing equipment then ..
These little vintage brooches are made of celluloid and hand painted.
Wear your own little bit of purity and tenacity..

Found in an old warehouse clearance, excellent unused condition.

They are 5.2cm wide, the 2 in the middle are 2.5cm wide and the round one is 4cm wide.and have a good strong pin on the back.

I have them with either red, green or brown rucksacks.


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