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1940s Bartholomew's Map of TEESDALE (35) on Cloth

1940s Bartholomew's Map of TEESDALE (35) on Cloth

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Bartholomew’s Revised "Half-Inch" Contoured Map of TEESDALE (Sheet 35) 

Scale Half Inch to a Mile
Middlesbrough West Hartlepool, Darlington, Northallerton and North of Ripon, Kirby Lonsdale and Appleby in the West, Bishop Auckland in the North.

Lots of fascinating details - hospitals, industries, schools, stately homes and other long gone landmarks
I have 3 copies of these maps.
 1. On cloth. Little holes at the joins on one of the folds.
2. On cloth. Revised to 1949 - some wear along folds and some ink markings on the map.
3. On Paper. Revised to 1962. Very Good Condition.

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