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Glorious 1950s UNDIES DRYER "dry and air anywhere"

Glorious 1950s UNDIES DRYER "dry and air anywhere"

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How did you ever manage to live a full and satisfying life without one of these little beauties ?

Perfect blend of form and function .. the 30cm hanger has a retractable handle which, with a clever little twist either locks solid in an upright position - enabling it to be hung over the bath..or wherever, or folded down flat to be stored neatly somewhere inconspicuous.
There are of course comprehensive instructions on the packaging.
Once hung up all your precious undies can be slipped, hooked and secured in a variety of ways for ease of drying.
Made by TWINCO in ENGLAND (woohoo..) in the 1950s/ early 60s.
It's made of a hard, lingerie coloured, injection moulded plastic.
And as well as TWINCO MADE IN ENGLAND it has
PATENT PENDING impressed on the hanger...they were obviously rightly proud of such a handy invention.
And still as useful today as all those years ago when it was first made.

I found these in an old warehouse and they come on their original display cards. Although the elastic bands that originally held them in place have all given up and left the building quite some time ago...
They would make the perfect present for a vintage friend, or, of course, a perfect present for yourself... justified by many future years of usefulness.



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